Meet the Leading Hair Stylist in Kyle at V. Clay Salon

Vanessa Clay, Hair Stylist
Vanessa Clay

Dynamic, Knowledgeable, Driven, Outgoing, Honest… This is me in a nutshell or at least one full of adjectives. I knew from an early age that I was destined to be in the beauty industry, more specifically the hair industry. Instead of playing house or tag, I was cutting my Barbie’s hair and playing with my Mom’s makeup. Now years later, I’m still cutting hair and applying makeup, which is a dream come true!

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Amy Allen, Hair Stylist
Amy Allen

With an extensive background in the entertainment industry, the importance of personal and professional image is ingrained in all that I do. Your image should reflect not only who you are, but who you strive to be, and it is a privilege helping my clients express themselves through personal style.

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